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Hid-In website template design with online store from Little Green Monkey
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Discreet accessories designed for people with diabetes
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Hid-In website

Website template design with an online store

Hagar has been involved in my business from initial informal chats about an online site through launch to the day to day running. She has been there through the commercial and banking set-up and testing to first sales and adding pages, social media feeds and testimonials sections as the business developed and my needs changed. She is a patient teacher, and her logical, practical approach has made the process of creating my first website a lot less daunting. Having Hagar on hand to offer advice and practical options and solutions literally as they presented themselves has saved me time and made the whole process faster and less frustrating than I know it can be for some. She has a great eye for detail and layout and helps to find ways to get as close to the look and functionality that is needed within the perimeters of a template. As a result of Hagar’s support and many hours of subsequent independent exploration and experimentation I now feel confident working with and managing the site independently and I look forward to her on-going help and guidance as new challenges arise and the business continues to change and grow into the future.
Katie Isherwood
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